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Our Construction Process

When building a custom home, there are numerous considerations for choosing the right builder. J.D. Silver Custom will help make your dream home become a reality, on time & on budget. All homes built by J.D Silver not only meet current build codes but exceeds current building code and energy efficiency guidelines. 

Poured Concrete Foundation

We only use reinforced, poured concrete walls. A well built home starts with a strong foundation.

Building wrap

Naturaseal’s fluid applied air barrier systems provide a seamless, monolithic barrier with no lap joints, or the need for mechanical fasteners to prevent air leakage or moisture intrusion.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation provides an energy efficient thermal envelope. This means minimal loss of hot or cold air escaping your new home. The result is a comfy home and lower energy costs.

Engineered Floors

All floors made from Engineered lumber, specifically designed for longer spans.  All floors are glued & nailed down, the plywood subfloors are then sanded and screwed to help minimize squeaks and creaks

Sound Proof Insulation

A properly built home theatre will keep the sound from travelling throughout the home as well as keeping unwanted noise out.

Designer Kitchen

Tailored for each client, choose from classic, traditional or modern designs.  Our kitchens are professionally designed to fit your living space and lifestyle. 

Award winning Landscaping

Each property should be its own. Professionally designed and landscaped, every inch of your property will be used to its max and become award winning.

Home Entertainment

Professionally designed and engineered theatre, is decoupled and sound proofed from the rest of the home, ensuring your loved ones can sleep soundly while entertaining with the latest movies and shows.

Custom designed Limestone

We don’t do cookie cutter.  Each home should be unique. Every exterior cladding is specifically designed for your home. We specialize in natural stones such as Limestone from France, The United States and Egypt.  This ensures each home to have its own “Wow” factor.